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This set is done with several tables.  I did it this way, rather then use frames. Although if you like you can use frames. If you plan on using that you will need to set them in 3's. One for the Corner Top Left, Middle Top Piece & Left Side Panel.  This set MUST be as is in order for it to look right.  Unless using frames.

The side panel is made to stretch with your page as you type. It is NOT a side border. To use it alone as such will not work.

Everything you need is in the zip file as well as my original HTML to set this up. You can either view my source or use my HTML as a template & replace my links & text with yours.  If you don't understand tables or are new to web design, this set might not be for you.

I call this set "Curtain Call"

CLICK HERE to download entire set

Font used is Edwardian Script ITC